Funds transfer


When depositing funds into your account, please send the same currency as the base currency of your account.

If you must deposit funds in a currency other than the base currency of your account, 26 Degrees will convert the funds to your base currency with a conversion fee charge.

Please reference your 26 Degrees Account Number or Account Holder’s Name (if a new account).

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Deposit policies

Before depositing funds, please be aware that 26 Degrees cannot accept third party deposits where the name on the bank account and the name on the 26 Degrees trading account differ.

We do not accept debit or credit card deposits.

We do not accept PayPal payments.

We do not accept cash or the following cash equivalents:

    • Cashier’s Cheques
    • Money orders
    • Traveller’s Cheques
    • Bank drafts
    • Funds from money transfer services


Other deposit information

To meet our AML/CTF Regulatory obligations, additional information may be required from clients to verify the source of funds. Some examples of additional information are:

    • Bank Transfers – Copy of bank statement and/or wire receipt showing the name and account of the customer.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact 26 Degrees via email at [email protected] or by phone at +61 2 9083 1333

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To withdraw funds, fill out the form below.

If you prefer to fill out a physical (PDF) form then please click here to download our withdrawal request form and email it back to [email protected].

If this is your first withdrawal request or you are looking to add a new nominated bank account, then please provide a recent bank statement as proof by uploading a scanned copy of a recent bank statement to the form below.

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Internal Transfer

To transfer funds from one 26 Degrees account to another account, please complete the form below:

You may transfer funds between your trading accounts if both of these accounts are in the same account name. If you transfer funds to an account with a different base currency, the transferred amount will be converted using the foreign exchange rate provided by our bank plus a conversion fee of 3%.

You need to have sufficient funds in your account to request the transfer, and you are responsible for ensuring that you have sufficient remaining equity available to cover the margin requirements of your positions. Internal fund transfers submitted online are generally processed within 24 hours.

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