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26 Degrees specialises in providing full-service Prime Brokerage solutions customised to the needs of emerging hedge funds, family offices and proprietary trading firms who trade public markets strategies including equity long/short (including market neutral), global macro, CTA, quant and systematic.
Full-service Prime Brokerage
“We have the expertise and flexibility to tailor our product to our clients’ needs. We are focused on meeting the needs of emerging hedge funds and family offices who are being underserviced by the Tier 1 primes as regulatory reforms continue to take effect.”
James Alexander, Chief Commercial Officer
Our Partners

Tier 1 Prime Broker relationships supporting three and four way give-ups

Our Partners

Synthetic prime offering

26 Degrees enjoys strong prime relationships with a panel of Tier-1 global investment banks including Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank and Natwest allowing our clients to benefit from superior access to global equity, foreign exchange, precious metals, index and commodity markets.

Our clients have direct marketing access (DMA) to 54 stock exchanges globally allowing long and short trades directly to the underlying exchanges.

26 Degrees offers a comprehensive suite of twelve Algorithms.

Our Algo trading suites are available for use via DMA and our high touch / outsourced trading desks. Our primary Algo’s which can be accessed through IRESS IOS+ and Bloomberg EMSX.

Our FX and Precious Metals offering ensures our clients have access to world-class liquidity from more than twenty bank, non-bank and ECN liquidity sources.

Our proprietary Index and Commodity Synthetic products are structured by our in-house quantitative structuring and pricing team, providing access to a broad range of spot indexes with a fully transparent pricing structure.

Why work with us?

26 Degrees provides a full service alternative for hedge funds seeking a stable long-term partnership and global market access.
Full service including 24/5 global coverage

With offices globally, 26 Degrees provides full 24 hour support five days a week.

Extensive borrow availability

1000’s of shortable stocks via our PB relationships.

Comprehensive Algorithmic suite

We offer a suite of comprehensive trading Algorithms and Direct Market Access (DMA).

Outsourced trading

High touch execution via our outsourced trading team.

Global market access

Direct market access to fifty-four stock exchanges globally.

Access to our global network of service providers

Expansive network of global hedge fund consulting services available.

Award Winning

Industry leading, but don’t just
take our word for it...

What our clients say
"RAMcap is a long-standing customer of 26 Degrees.
We are active in ASX small cap stocks, so we value the excellent attention by 26 Degrees to this end of the stock market."
Stephen Matthews - RAMCap Company Secretary
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