Liquidity solutions

We aggregate bank and non-bank liquidity offering bespoke, optimised liquidity streams for FX, Metals and Index and Commodity CFDs.
Liquidity Solutions
26 Degrees offers pricing and execution to over 26,000 instruments across a range of asset classes including FX, precious metals, index and commodity markets and global equities, all available via a single API.

Why work with us?

We are one of the few publicly listed Prime of Primes offering pre-trade and post-trade TCA/market impact tools for liquidity and executions.

This provides our clients with crucial information, allowing for informed decisions on their trade executions and workflows.
Seamless multi-asset liquidity

We are one of the few Prime of Primes that offers a truly seamless multi-asset liquidity offering covering pricing, market data and robust executions.

This is supported by a single, cross-collateralised margin account for maximum efficiency.

We customise for you

We focus first on the specific needs of our clients when constructing any new liquidity solution.

Whether it be price curation for your retail customer base, quote book optimisation for dealing desk hedge flow, or a multi-stream solution set-up to accommodate both flow profiles, we offer flexibility adapting to your unique requirements.

Ultra-low latency

With trading servers in LD4, NY4 and TY3, and pricing constructed from locally connected LPs and data vendors in each data centre, we are committed to delivering low latency pricing across all asset classes, no matter where you choose to locate your infrastructure.

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