Why 26 Degrees?

26 Degrees is exclusively focused on servicing broker dealers, emerging hedge funds and family offices affected by the continued tightening of access to Tier 1 Prime services and support.

We bring the expertise, technology, integrity, and a uniquely Australian spirit to power customised financial solutions.

Invast Global has evolved into 26 Degrees to provide the perfect environment for Tier 1 Prime Services.
Transparent and customised Prime of Prime
The 26th degree latitude runs parallel across Australia dividing it from East to West.

It begins in Shark Bay, WA and becomes the boundary between South Australia and Northern Territory before continuing across the Indian Ocean to meet the cradle of humanity in South Africa, where humankind evolved.
What we offer

Independent, non-bank prime services

The prime services industry is experiencing ongoing significant transformation. Brought about by regulatory changes, traditional banks have been moving away from prime services creating access issues to the end-user. At 26 Degrees, we have always believed that this shift is just the beginning and is likely to accelerate in the coming years.

As an independent prime services firm with a global presence, 26 Degrees is uniquely positioned to offer reliable, sustainable, and high-quality access to prime services.

Our team offers expertise across multiple asset classes, and we pride ourselves on our flexibility, innovative solutions, and high-end service. With 26 Degrees, you and your clients can navigate this changing landscape.

Why work with us?

Recognised industry leaders

Work with recognised industry leaders with extensive experience in Prime Services.

Optimised execution and superior market access

Optimised global market access liquidity provision backed by our Tier 1 prime broker partners.

We form partnerships

Full service, tailored solutions. We partner with you to assist in growing your business.

Future focused

Market leading technology and automated solutions

Our focus at 26 Degrees is long term, our approach to service and client relationships reflects this.

We combine market leading technology and automated solutions, but we do not forget the value of a personalised service and a product that is customised to your needs. We are a prime services firm designed for now – and the future.

The need for alternative prime services will continue to grow as further regulatory reforms and tightening risk frameworks continue to restrict the global investment banks.

26 Degrees is expanding internationally as it continues to capture market share in the rapidly expanding Prime Services sector.

Our Partners

Tier-1 Prime Broker relationships supporting three and four way give-ups

Award Winning

Industry leading, but don’t just
take our word for it...

What our clients say
"RAMcap is a long-standing customer of 26 Degrees.
We are active in ASX small cap stocks, so we value the excellent attention by 26 Degrees to this end of the stock market."
Stephen Matthews - RAMCap Company Secretary
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