26 Degrees Global Markets CEO to join Board of listed Japanese parent

Leading non-bank prime services firm, 26 Degrees Global Markets, continues to enjoy remarkable success with its acclaimed PurePrime multi-asset offering.

Leading non-bank prime services firm, 26 Degrees Global Markets, continues to enjoy remarkable success with its acclaimed PurePrime multi-asset offering.

The firm has gained recognition throughout the industry for the unique transparency and control afforded to clients wishing to gain leveraged access to FX, Metals, Energies and Equities markets. PurePrime is particularly popular with the more sophisticated end of the market – hedge funds, asset managers and brokerages.

In one of the strongest signs yet that the firm has been racking up impressive results, 26 Degrees Global Markets CEO, Gavin White has been nominated for appointment to the Board of the Japan-listed parent company, Invast Securities Co., Ltd.

White has assembled an enviable team of experienced and talented staff at 26 Degrees Global Markets and the firm has been making waves in the industry, recently taking out the respected Hedgeweek Global Award 2017 for Best Specialist Prime Broker.

As one of the first firms to recognise the shifting dynamics of the industry, brought about by the staggered implementation of regulatory reforms aimed at constraining the large global banks, 26 Degrees Global Markets has forged a place at the top-tier of non-bank prime services firms. The fact the firm is one of the only listed prime services firms globally – and enjoys the strong balance sheet and managerial support of its parent company, suggests a degree of stability that adds further significance to the firm’s successes.

President and CEO of Invast Securities Co., Ltd, Mr Takeshi Kawaji, is enthusiastic in his support for the 26 Degrees Global Markets team; “Gavin, Jon Leung (COO) and James Alexander (CCO) have built a team and infrastructure which is the envy of the industry. The Board of Invast Securities Co and I are proud of what they have been able to achieve.”

“Their growth has been impressive, but what is most admirable is the quality of their offering, their professionalism and the pride they take in ensuring they are doing the very best for their clients. We look forward to continuing to support their ambitions. The appointment of Gavin to the Board of Invast Securities Co., Ltd illustrates the strength of our endorsement of what the team at 26 Degrees Global Markets is achieving.”

Mr White is quick to apportion credit to the team he leads; “The 26 Degrees Global Markets team has been together for 4 years now and we grow more tight-knit every day. We have a relaxed but highly professional culture. It is a pleasure to lead a team that habitually operates at such a high level. We are very optimistic about the growth potential of our firm. We believe we are in the right place at the right time, with the right product.”

White also acknowledges the significance of his nomination to the Board of the listed Japanese company and the support he has enjoyed from the parent company’s CEO and President; “Takeshi has been a tremendous influence on the team at 26 Degrees Global Markets and a very valuable mentor to me personally. It is a profound honour to be nominated to join the Board of Invast Securities Co., Ltd. The Board is comprised of a remarkably intelligent and talented combination of individuals and I am looking forward to forming closer relationships with all. Above all I relish the chance to add to the efforts of the Board to grow shareholder value.”

The nomination of White to the Board of Invast Securities Co., Ltd. is subject to the approval of the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of the Company scheduled to be held in June 2017.

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