Invast Global – Best FX Prime of Prime 2020

Invast Global has won this year’s FX-Markets Asia Award for the Best FX Prime of Prime category.
Invast Global has won this year’s FX-Markets Asia Award for the Best FX Prime of Prime category.
A global leader in the Prime of Prime brokers space with 60 years experience as a securities and foreign exchange brokerage, Invast Global has proven its consistent, exceptional service, especially in the volatile market and global economy that was brought about in 2020 by COVID-19 as well as by international political factors.

Invast Global is unique amongst their non-bank Prime Broker peers in a number of ways. They are focused on being a truly multi-asset service provider, allowing clients access to the full range of global futures and stock exchanges from one account and with one collateral deposit. As Gavin White, Chief Executive Officer of Invast Global further explains, “Other key factors are that we are focusing specifically on the small end of the hedge fund space, managers with <500m AUM. These managers are currently being underserved by the Tier 1 bank PBs. We offer a flexible, multi-asset prime facility, with no commission or turnover hurdles and no monthly minimums. Such aspects of traditional prime brokerage are often difficult for small/medium managers to cope with. We help solve those issues.”

What is also important to Invast Global is their customer service. Gavin explains how “We are a full-service, with a 24-hour client coverage team, a 24-hour outsourced execution team, and a highly automated back office function with direct connectivity to most administrators and custodians. We can also connect and liaise directly with our hedge fund clients’ own operations team.” When work from home requirements were mandated across the globe due to the global pandemic, Invast Global was able to continue servicing their clients to the highest standards. Because they are a cloud-based, technology-driven company, they were able to shift to remote work in a seamless way, providing team members with secure access to the key resources they need and therefore providing clients with their usual standard of service.

Always looking to be on the cutting edge of technology and best practice amongst competing global prime forex brokers, Invast Global has a culture that is dedicated to service, diligence, and innovation. One key part of this culture is to recognize that each client is unique and has different needs on FX liquidity and so they work side-by-side with their clients to achieve this. The company is built on a foundation of dedication to mutual long-term gain. They want their clients to be successful and so they want to be sure to offer solutions to meet their clients’ needs. Invast Global has solid Tier-1 Prime Broker relationships with some of the world’s largest banks, providing their clients with superior access to liquidity streams from over 20 banks, Non-Bank and ECN providers.

Despite the global volatility we’ve all experienced, the past year has been a strong one for Invast Global and Gavin explains how he sees this growth continuing into next year.

“We’ve become well known for our extensive access to borrow in global Equities names and will continue to build out this access over 2021. We’re also integrating a number of relationships with several market making entities to deepen the liquidity our clients can access over and above that which is available in the exchange CLOBs.

Our quantitative Structuring and Pricing team will also be releasing a number of additional ‘cash / spot’ Index and Commodity products to offer clients a flexible approach to their Index and Commodity trading strategies.”
Gavin White
Chief Executive Officer

They note that clients are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their trading strategies and in their overall FX industry and market knowledge and so their solution has to keep up. Invast Global is perfectly positioned to adapt to changing market demands, using their tailored service approach and customisable liquidity streams to meet client needs. Again, it is this very attention to detail and to different client requests which has provided the foundation for Invast Global to expand into new and exciting ventures.

Over the last 12 months, they have pushed through with their 3-year plan to establish offices in each major financial city in the world, with offices currently in Tokyo, Sydney and Hong Kong. In 2019, they launched a subsidiary company, Invast Global (Hong Kong) as part of their strategic plan to concentrate on Asia-focused institutional clients utilising SFC licence types to provide an alternative to traditional bank-based offerings. In the next year, Invast Global will be opening an office in London as well as one in mainland Europe in early 2021. They also look forward to expanding their offerings, including an incubation programme for small and emerging managers.

Gavin White - Chief Executive Officer
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